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        About us
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        1. Corporate Quotations

        Realistic and innovative, stable and enterprising; professional standards, affinity and integrity;

        Founding team and achieving self; service hardware, quality first;

        2. Enterprise spirit

        Work style: quick response and precise execution;

        Crisis awareness: progress or exit;

        Awareness of competition: Be brave and enterprising and face the competition.

        3.Core philosophy

        Core values: customer, innovation, team, fighting spirit, method;

        Mission: Serve hardware, promote scientific and technological development, and promote social progress.

        Vision: To be an excellent manufacturer in the advanced hardware industry;

        4. Management philosophy

        Management thought: cost, quality, service, target, process, performance evaluation.

        Marketing concept: Focus on customers.

        Knowledge management concept: accumulation and sharing create value.

        Capital operation concept: Actively and steadily, choose the best and advance, mutual benefit and integration.

        Social Responsibility Concept: Get Rich with Employees, Grow Together with Customers, Make Contributions to the Society.

        Talent concept: ability determines stage, performance reflects value, wealth returns wisdom

        Add:Building 3b, St. George's science and Technology Park, north
        side of Xinyu Road, Shajing, Bao'an District, Shenzhen